Lights! Camera! Plants!

Vkind, creators of the all-vegan cooking competition Peeled, show you how delicious plant-based living is with recipes, videos, and original plant-based content to inspire and enliven your culinary journey. 


Whether you’re eating clean or looking for a splurge, you’ll find something scrumptious in our collection of vegan recipes to satisfy any craving and please the pickiest of eaters. 

Are you a Plant based brand?

Let’s Give Your Customers Something To Crave!

Do you own a plant-based food product? We host a network of Vkind Cooks Vegan Chefs able to create elevated vegan recipes featuring your product(s).


The Vkind Studios team will perform editing magic on footage of our chef preparing your recipe before delivering a gorgeous, high-quality piece of custom content to showcase your ethically-aligned products the way they deserve to be.


We’ll even share it on our website and social media to extend its delicious reach to our active (and hungry!) Vkind Community.

Same Tradition, Different Impact.

Food brings people together in times of celebration and sorrow alike. Across every culture, gathering around the table to share our favorite dishes with one another is simply what we do. 


Adopting a plant-based diet and lifestyle doesn’t change that; it enhances it. The flavors, aromas, and textures you love can all be created with animal-free ingredients. 


Approximately 83% of the world’s farmland is used to produce meat, eggs, farmed fish, and dairy, which only provides 18% of our daily calories.

Every plant-based meal you choose conserves resources and fights climate change. Don’t just “be the change”, EAT the change!  

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